The Secret of                 the Throne


My name is Dulce Tapp, designer and visual art artist creating every day.

At the Secret of the Throne you can find different art expressions, from mixed media and collage, collage assemblage to encaustic, jewellery, and furniture design.

The use of paper, pictures, paint, decorative objects and much more makes the perfect balance for each time I am creating something new.

From the inspiration of a new piece of furniture to a mixed media design or collage is a challenge that I had never been afraid of.

Hunting for chairs to reuse and then bringing them back to life was one of my first projects not knowing that it would lead me to explore all the avenues and my list of dreams from paper to reality.

Discipline and persistence have been a very important part of my success as a person and art student with a lot of possibilities to keep growing and learning to give you the best of me through my work.

Enjoy the website,

Dulce Tapp

The secret of the throne